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Miscellaneous Icons [
5.16.06/10:37 pm]
Lot of new icons. I've been making icons when I got inspired but I hadn't realized I'd made so many until I started uploading them! Anyways, here's the breakdown.

All these icons are miscellaneously organized...
John Mayer
Jesse Spencer


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Rashomama [
4.30.06/10:54 pm]
So, new icons this week... there are so many that I don't even know where to start. I tend to feel more creative under stress (I have a French Lit exam tomorrow). The others are from the newest episode of CSI named "Rashomama"... best episode of this season in my books! So enjoy!

- CSI Rashomama
- Pride and Prejudice
- Gilmore Girls
- Misc CSI & Carmine icons...


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Run Silent, Run Deep [
4.20.06/12:51 am]
That title is the name of tonight's new CSI:NY episode. I'm honestly dead tired right now but thought I'd share these icons that I made, there are only 5 and they're only of Danny Messer, seeing that the episode primarily revolved around him. So, just 5 little icons.


The last scene made me cry, I felt so bad for Danny! *Tear*

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More CSI Icons... [
4.19.06/7:15 pm]
I was bored today...

5 Carmine Giovinazzo
11 George Eads
1 Eddie Cahill/Don Flack
2 Alexis Bledel
2 John Mayer


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33 New Icons! [
4.10.06/12:59 am]
So, I did three things today... 1. Layout the anthology of writing and creative work for my university's publication, wathced Domino (which was surprising intense), and made a bunch of icons. So, this these are the product of my day, minus the Hayden Christensen ones which I made sometime last year. But the icons this time are very miscellaneous, I made icons based on awesome pics that I found. Also, thanks to 77words, my posting abilities have been quick and easy thanks to her Icon Table Generator!

Ok, the breakdown...
4 Alexis Bledel
3 Orlando Bloom
8 Hayden Christensen
3 Jake Gyllenhaal
4 Jared Padelecki
5 Angelina Jolie
3 Keira Knightley
3 Kristen Kreuk
... and a partridge in a pear tree!


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Carmine (again), Tom and GG! [
4.7.06/9:29 pm]
Here we go, the second batch of icons, 24 this time around!

12 Carmine Giovinazzo
9 Tom Welling
3 Gilmore Girls

Also, thanks for the lovely comment Heavenli :)


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First Batch of Icons... [
3.31.06/11:48 pm]
Ok, so here is the first batch of icons, hope you enjoy them! Please remember to give credit and let me know if you use them... thanks :)

11 - Carmine Giovinazzo/Danny Messer
1 - Eddie Cahill/Don Flack
1 - Misc. CSI:NY
6 - John Mayer


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The Beginning [
3.31.06/2:37 pm]
Hi Everyone,

My name is Stefanie and I started this LJ because I love making icons and I thought I'd share them with you all!

I will be adding all the necessary information as soon as I can like (credits, info, etc.)
For now, just keep in mind...
- Please no hotlinking.
- Give credit (when possible).
- Leave me a comment if you use my icons.

That's it for now :)
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